Does The Location Of The Consultancy Matter When It Comes To Your Immigration Process?

The location of your Immigration Consultancy does not matter as long as the firm abides by the Canadian Government Laws. An ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) accredited firm and RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) licensed consultants would be the best go around for your migration purposes to Canada, this is required as only someone who is authorized can represent your application.

With the advancement in technology and the world developing in a much faster manner, the consultancy you hire can be helping you with the process from anywhere around the world. All the documents can be submitted to the consultancy and they would verify your documents before submitting it to ensure that the margin for error can be reduced. Also, this would reduce the stress and pressure on you as the consultancy would take care of any procedures that need to be done. A higher chance for the application to go through is more probable, as the consultant representing you would take extra caution so that no issues arise with the submitted application.

Hiring a consultant to look into your immigration process, would imply that the firm would do their best to get you the best possible Comprehensive Ranking System(CSR) score, which would increase your chance of getting the invitation to apply.

However, if you have a family member or acquaintance in the same city or locality of the consultancy’s office, ask them to see if the office address provided is correct and present.

The location of the consultancy is the last problem you should be worried about, however protect yourself from fraud companies and scams. Do your research on the consultancy before paying and hiring them.

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