Experience /Incorporation Of A Consultancy, Should It Be A Concern?

Yes, this should be a cause for concern. The main reason being that you’re going to start a process that may decide your future. Applicants and aspirants who wish to apply to Canada for future studies and for job opportunities, need to start certain immigration processes, so that the best possible life can be given to the applicant.

There are hundreds of immigration companies and consultancies that claim to be the best and have about 15-20 years’ experience as well. But they still won’t know the right manner to be able to guide the applicants who wish to go to Canada, as every applicant is different in their own ways, most consultancies have common guidelines by which they put their applicants and they do not look into the best interest of the person applying. This may reduce the chance getting invited to migrate to Canada by a lot and charge a heavy fees for the same. Certain consultancies charge a fee for even checking the eligibility of the candidate applying and this can be done by the applicant by going to the Canadian Government website.

But going through a reputed consultancy and getting a licensed RCIC consultant looking at the documents being submitted, will improve the chances of the applying applicant to get a better Comprehensive Ranking System (CSR) score. This score is very important for anyone applying to Canada because, it is based on this score that the invitation for the applicant is given.

Research and read testimonials of different consultancies, and choose the best firm to represent you.

content source from: https://www.novusimmigration.com/