Permanent Residency – The Real Deal

Having a Permanent Resident status or PR status in Canada is similar to being a citizen over there. This is a long and tedious process, and there is a small possibility that even an Invitation to Apply won’t come through.

If the documents provided are verified and the Canadian government thinks that an applicant will bring about good for the country in general, will be accepted to immigrate there. The Canadian officials are looking for a diverse working population to drive up their economy and develop their country. No applications that seem to have an alternate motive will be accepted. After the scrutinized checklist and the Canadian Government satisfied with a particular application, they will not hesitate to invite you to apply.

However, there are various other programs to get a PR status in Canada. Each province has certain job requirements which can be looked up and applied by people with those skills. This has a better chance of the applicants getting an invitation but only to that particular province.

The permanent resident visa is in the form of COPR (Confirmation of Permanent Residence), which along with a passport, allows the foreign national to travel to Canada to seek entry as a permanent resident. On arrival at the port of entry, the foreign national is examined by an officer who decides whether to admit the applicant as a permanent resident.

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