Should I Apply For The Canadian Permanent Residency (Express Entry) On My Own Or Through A Regulated Consultant?

The Immigration process to Canada can be done by you as well. But we have no knowledge or any clue about what or how to go about this. This problem can be taken care of by consultancies who have past experience with this same immigration process.

There is no problem if anyone plans to apply on their own, but there are possibilities for human error, documentation error or even missing to file documents. All of this can be done in a hassle-free manner by going through a reputed firm who have licensed RCIC consultants who will apply to the needs of whoever applies.

Most applicants, who apply by themselves, have the small notion that a lot of money can be saved if no consultancies are involved. But the reality of this matter is that, if something goes wrong with the application and if this could have been avoided earlier, an even larger amount of money must be paid for the correction. Hence, it is advised to read reviews, testimonials etc. on social media and on Google, so that the applicant can choose the best option for themselves.

A regulated consultant will represent you in front of the Canadian Government, as they have been licensed by them to look into the immigration processing and are allowed to charge a small fee or remuneration for the same.

Even though it might seem a little more expensive, the chances of getting an invitation to migrate to Canada are much higher with an accredited immigration consultancy.

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