The Importance Of IELTS? Is It Mandatory?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most sought-after language test used in the Canadian immigration. A IELTS is test taken to assess an individual to face an environment with English as its primary language. Yes, display of one’s language proficiency through a systemised testing score and benchmark level is compulsory, irrespective of how fluent you are. English is a part of Canada’s official language and it is a standard language in most of the immigration programs.

Standard language proficiency testing choices

English and French are the two authority dialects. Since the immigration programs are based on points and language proficiency has an excessive composition of points, having a secure score from a language proficiency exam can drastically increase the CRS scores which would make you eligible for Canada immigration.

For Canada immigration, applicants can hand pick their language proficiency from one of the four standard option: IELTS, CELPIP, TEF, or TCF. The result from one of these tests will be converted according to the Canadian Language Benchmark(CLB) ranking system.

A mandatory minimum score of CLB 7 in all categories which is proportional to 6.0 in each module on the IELTS exam is required to be eligible for the EXPRESS ENTRY Federal Skilled Worker’s program.

A score of CLB 7 is good enough to be considered, however the supreme would be to aim for CLB 9 which is 8 in Listening and a 7 in reading, speaking and writing.

Instructions to get the best score

If you have been using English almost up to 70% everyday as your regular means of communication, then all you require is excess of IELTS links and study material / videos available online. Try to attempt few mock tests online and understand the concepts and techniques well enough. It proves to be an excellent opportunity to increase your IELTS scores. Otherwise there are IELTS coaching centres that would be able to train individuals for Canadian Immigration.

Both the primary and the secondary applicants should take up the IELTS test to boost up the scores. An increase in IELTS can be a huge difference in the CRS scores. Hence it is always advised to the primary and secondary applicants to take up the IELTS test.

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