Why Do We Need A Representative?

Having a representative represent you is not required in the immigration process as the Canadian government treats all applications the same. Hiring a representative would make things a lot easier for you.

A representative is someone who is authorized to speak or do something on behalf of the person applying. As he or she must be authorized by the Canadian Government, the representative will take responsibility during the immigration process. The correct procedures and forms will be followed as the consultant representing you, would not want to be sued against.

The job of the representative begins at the very beginning, which is filing the application to representing you to the Canadian government. A representative would also ensure that there are zero errors in the application.

While hiring a representative to start the process of immigration, make sure that the form ‘IMM5476e’ is filed out by both the representative and the applicant. This states that the applicant has chosen the particular representative to represent them during their immigration process.

Many people are not aware of such a form, and in this manner unauthorized people can make money by not informing people and signing this form. People get cheated in this manner and such cases are usually not entertained.

Therefore, it is advised to take help of an authorized consultant with such details and through this immigration process.

content source from: https://www.novusimmigration.com/