Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, apart from our directors who are RCIC’s themselves, we also have our staff who are regulated by the ICCRC.

Our directors have been regulated for more than 6 years, and have about a decade’s experience in immigration matters. We would be one of the oldest Immigration Consultant in Vancouver British Columbia.

Immigration is a field where consultants charge according to their experience and skills in the field of Immigration. You would see Immigration Consultants in Vancouver who charge you a very nominal fee and on the other hand you would also find experienced professionals charge a higher fee. Hence, it is advisable to understand the intent and logical reasoning as to why different immigration agency charge differently. Meet the consultant, you could probably judge in the very first meeting as to who is deserving and how competent one is in their field of expertise. We do take pro-bono cases for refugee cases. But that is totally on case to case basis. We do not compromise on the quality of service provided to our customers and neither do we discount on our professionalism or fees.

Yes, our India head office is located at Bangalore. We also have our affiliate in Perth, Australia. Furthermore, we are looking forward to opening branches in Dubai and Colombo. On the contrary, what we always tell our offshore clients is that the location of an RCIC is irrelevant as the entire work is done online and hence physical presence is never a concern 98% of the RCICs would be based out of Canada. The offshore Canada Immigration Consultants

branches would only have the trained representatives and legal advisors; the client’s case is ultimately the responsibility of the RCIC.

We are not a job consultancy. But us being licensed recruiters here, if our employers need specific cohort of individuals with specific skill sets, we apply for an LMIA. If the decision is positive and the applicant meets all other requirements for the particular job, Novus Canada would file for a work permit. It is always easier for a Permanent resident to get a job in Canada. The whole process of recruiting a foreign national is cumbersome and expensive, hence done only when there is no other option left but to hire a foreign national. Nonetheless, it is very much possible. If you have searched online for “Work Permit Vancouver Canada”, you would have certainly seen a lot of Immigration consultants in British Columbia ads. Please make sure that the Canadian Immigration Consultant is legitimate and the NOC should be matching your profile.

In this fast paced era, one needs to understand that everything is available at the touch of a button. We are aware that immigration consultants claim to provide Settlement services for clients. The Canadian Government has been generous not just to grant you and your family permanent residence in Canada but also provide pre-arrival services you need and connect you with organizations for services you can get after you arrive in Canada. These settlement offices mostly provide free services to assess your needs and create a personalized plan to help you settle in Canada. Travel, accommodation etc. should not be your initial concern as these necessities can be taken care of with ease. Do not fall prey to such freebie advertisements from some of the Canadian Immigration Consultant. Please visit the following link if you need to know more about the same

Firstly, no Canada Immigration Consultants are supposed to guarantee anyone a positive outcome or a guaranteed success of their visa application. Even if the probable chances are really high, we maintain the Code of ethics of ICCRC and do not blatantly assure results. On the other hand, there are clients who seek assistance for provincial nomination and we clearly tell them that the decision of getting them a nomination does not lie in our hands. As a counsellor and consultant we are obliged to make sure we have done everything possible to optimize the applicants score and profile as per the current trend and patterns in various provinces as required. We take applications of individuals we are certain might have a chance otherwise we don’t. We don’t believe in taking your file if we are certain that the chances are bleak.

We would always state it at the very onset if the prospects of getting a nomination or invitation is bleak. It is important so that the client does not have unrealistic expectations. To our surprise, we have been witness to many of our clients with considerably low CRS score getting nominated by various provinces. It is hence advised to not become a statistician and predict probabilities of individual cases. Be pragmatic and just be patient. And would you provide refund for something that you have worked hard for but has not been materialized because of circumstances beyond your control? Certainly not! We strive to be as reasonable as possible to be thebest immigration consultant Vancouver.

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