Immigration Consultants in Vancouver

More about Authorized Representatives

RCIC: Immigration and Citizenship consultants are those who:

  • Offer reliable information on your immigration or citizenship process
  • Document, file, submit and furnish your immigration or citizenship application
  • Communicate to the CIC (Canadian Licensing body) on your behalf
  • Represent you in an immigration or citizenship hearing

You may come across many Immigration Consultants Vancouver, Surrey but only few are authorized, have the niche expertise and are the best immigration consultants Vancouver. Novus Canada is one such immigration agency Vancouver, where we have directors who have more than ten years of experience and are one of the oldest and the best immigration consultants in Vancouver.

You don’t need to hire a representative

It’s your choice. Using one will not attract attention to your application but that doesn’t mean IRCC will approve it. You can get all the forms and instructions you need to apply for a visa, a permit or citizenship for free on the official Canadian government website but only few Immigration Consultants Surrey, Vancouver tell you this. Doing this professionally is always better through an immigration agency Vancouver such as Novus Canada as we have directors who are RCIC’s themselves and a core team sound in Canadian Immigration Law.

If you are hesitant or indecisive about choosing the best immigration consultant in Vancouver, Surrey let us list a plethora of competitive advantages we have over other immigration consultant Vancouver:

1) An Excellent Team

  • Canadian Immigration lawyer heading thefirm
  • Indian criminal lawyer who is a regulated ICCRC verified consultant with years of experience in the immigration industry
  • Ex –Indian armed forces officer who has studied and is certified in Canadian Immigration & refugee law from Ashton College, British Columbia

2) One point of contact and legal Representation

At Novus Canada, unlike most other immigration consultant Surrey / Vancouver, every client’s application is looked into personally who is their one-point of contact. We do no delegate our clients’ legal filing to a back end team like the other best immigration Consultants in Vancouver and do it themselves personally.

Canada Immigration Walkthrough

How can one migrate to Canada and what to expect after you arrive in Canada?

1) Express entry programs- For skilled workers

  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trade (FST)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

2) Provincial Nominees – Immigrate to a specific Canadian province

3) Family sponsorships – Sponsor your family/relatives to immigrate

Immigration Consultants in Vancouver